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A Chat with Strauss Vintage Shoppe

We love catching up with some of our guest teachers who come over to Boho Upcycle and teach our student new tips & tricks when it comes to crafting, D.I.Y and Home Decor.

Today we are happy to have Candice Strauss with us! Sharing a bit more about her process for her Halloween-Inspired  Image Transfer class that we are happy to be hosting on Sunday, October 5th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We have a few more spots left, so please sign up here!

Thanks for joining us Candice! 

Can you explain what image transfer is for the person who loves home décor but maybe doesn’t know the process? Is it something that someone without a lot of skill can do?
Image transfer in a process in which you can take an image and basically embed it into a piece of wood. The process is quite simple but takes a great deal of patience. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy teaching classes on image transfer techniques. It doesn’t require a lot of skill to make a really unique art piece.


What kind of images can people use?
Any image works. Family photos, royalty-free images, landscape picture from a vacation, vintage postcards and other ephemera all can produce excellent results. The most important thing is that the image be of high quality and a minimum of 300 dpi.

Tell us a bit about how you got into image transfer?
I really enjoy learning new art forms and techniques and thinking about how I might use them for decorative works, rehab projects, and just general crafting. I have an extensive “creative bucket list”, and last summer I finally learned how to transfer images right on to wood. I loved the process! At first I made them for my home and as gifts for friends and family, then I began receiving order requests, and the rest is history.


 Seems like image transfers are growing steadily in popularity, what do you think they add to a piece? To a space?
I think image transfers are a great alternative to a typical framed photo, or a canvas print. They add depth and dimension to a space; they work as images, from a design perspective, but on an organic medium, and including an aged, original look that can contribute a lot to the feel of the overall space.

Are you working on anything right now? What was your last big project? Something small?
I am currently working on new transfers for the fall and winter craft shows. My most recent larger project was a collaboration with Krissy from Boho Upcycle. She re-finished a mid-century dresser and I did an image transfer of a vintage typewriter onto the front of the dresser. We were both very pleased with the finished product! This unique piece generated a bit of buzz on social media and sold within just a few days. Yay! We’ve already brainstormed about our next project. As for small projects, I’m looking into producing mini sized transfers that can be displayed on a desk or on a night stand. I think they’d work great as room accents.

What’s your favorite way to spoil yourself if you are having time for just you?
I recently left a teaching career, primarily to focus on growing my little business, Strauss Vintage Shoppe. But I also very much seek a better balance in life. So spoiling myself really means many things: taking classes (I’m taking a calligraphy class in October), road trips planned around thrifting & picking vintage goods (possibly Portland in December), and I will confess I am quite the girly-girl when it comes to manicures (I like to go a couple times a month).


Join us this Sunday for the Spook-tacular Image Transfer Class with Candice Strauss & Boho Upcycle! We look forward to meeting you!



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New At The Boho

It feels like a long time since I’ve blogged! Since schmoozing in the world of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest I’ve neglected my blogging duties :(

We’ve got new happenings at The Boho and I’m super excited!

I have yet to learn the art of image transfer and it’s hard with running the boho solo so I’d been researching artists to carry at the boho store. I stumbled upon Candice Strauss of Strauss Vintage Shoppe. We met in person and not only was her work awesome, but she was so down to earth, passionate, and so pleasant to chat with! Even more awesome she’s local, which I love supporting local artists. We will be carrying her wood pallets with vintage image transfers- used a lot for wall decor, signs, unique gifts, and on furniture! Candice offers private workshops on Image transfer, and will be teaching group workshops at Boho Upcycle in August 2014. You can visit or for more information! Below are a few pieces now available, but will have more in a few weeks! Have a great week everyone! Xx, Boho Upcycle




What inspires you?

What inspires me? Color.

Color has always been intriguing to my eyes. As a child born from a Guatemalan Mother and an East Indian Father color was apart of me. As a little girl I would walk into a Hello Kitty store and the bright colors would make my heart race. The reason I collected Garbage Pail Kids was the cool colors that were combined. I’d rush home from Elementary school to play with my playdough because of the fun COLORS!  In my teens I did go through my all black phase without a drop of color, but hey I do love black in my color pallete. There are so many places in this world ( some that I wish to visit) that are surreal and inspiring to me. Colorful places inspire me, colorful textiles, colorful flowers, water colors, and the list goes on… I love mixing muted colors like White, Beige, or Black with color.

Below are images of the colorful heritage I’m proud of that inspires me all the time, and  images of places and settings around the world that look like magic! I’d love to hear what inspires you? Please share your inspiration in the comment box.


colors of india 3

colors of india


clolores de guatemalacolors of guatemala








Follow Your Dreams

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a busy journey since I opened my brick and motar store back in November of 2013. I have not been on top of my blogging, but I am trying to get better! I normally blog about my furniture pieces, events, promotions, inspirations, or news. I’d like to share about following your dreams even when you may get kicked off the saddle by negativity.

First I’d like to share about my store and my furniture inspirations. My business name is Boho ( short for Bohemian) and Upcycle ( taking something old and giving it new life) I have always loved color and that is one of the reasons that I became a CeCe Caldwell retailer back in 2012, because her colors just drew me in. The color pallet was gorgeous to me! Not to mention how user friendly it is for beginner’s to advanced… OH and Eco friendly! I do a variety of styles in my store Boho Chic is my main focus, Beachy Cottage, Whimsical, and a tad bit of shabby chic. Sometimes I do work that is a bit off the wall and quirky, but always original. My style is definitely not for everyone, but it’s like Betsey Johnson she is FUNKY and I love it just as some would stay away. I also support local artists Noel Alumit, Joy Alumit, and Sharon Furman, AND local chick lit authors Cindy Arora and Lucie Simone. I’m a huge fan of decoupage and carry decorative paper for the classes I teach and those who already know about decoupage! So that’s my speal on my store :)

I started my business inside of a cute store called Belle’s Nest in Sierra Madre, CA ( a must visit) and will be forever grateful for the owners who allowed me to sell my work, teach classes, and carry CeCe Caldwell Paint. It was my dream to open my own business so I did it! Atwater Village, CA is where my store is located and so far everyone in the community has been very welcoming. As a business owner it’s a lot of work and not only that you are putting yourself out there, which takes a lot of courage to do. It’s NOT easy. I do run in to some who love it and some who don’t and that’s OK. There’s always going to be competition, not nice people, and things that just occur that try to really bring you down.

I had a recent experience that was an ouch for me. I want to share it because I’m not perfect and putting yourself out there to follow your dreams is absolutely one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life. I am always making sure that I attend to all my social media and reviews so that I can fix anything that I may have done wrong or can improve. I firmly believe in excellent customer service so if someones experience was not great I’d want to know so I can make sure it’s always 100%. We are human so sometimes it can happen. I had my first harsh harsh experience with not so kind words that were written about my store and it was a big OUCH for me. Call me naive, but I thought me and this person has a lovely conversation until I read what this person wrote. Unfortunately it’s one that has nothing to do with service, and I cannot apologize for what my style is.

I cannot let this one person bring me down and I refuse to write negatively or mean about this person who reveiwed my store because I’d rather keep the focus on my dreams!  Whatever anybody out there at any age dreams of doing, DO IT! I remember in my early 20’s I had the acting bug and went to an audition and had the casting guy tell me that I appeared fat in my pictures and needed to drop 25 pounds. OUCH! I gave up I couldn’t bare harsh words, but I see it now as not the right path for me and it now led me to what I am truly happy doing. Don’t let anyone bring you down. I am so passionate about this business and what I’m doing. I’m writing this post for those who have dreams and have fears. It’s a bumpy road, but it’s all about getting back on the saddle and keep riding to your dream.

It’s also important while you are following your dreams to have a supportive and encouraging community to help you get through storms! I am extremely grateful for my family, friends, and the amazing CeCe Caldwell Family!