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Update: April 2021

Shopping without an appointment (from April 28)

How it works:
1) Since April 28 it is possible to visit our stores without appointment.
2) Please note that we can allow a maximum of 2 customers in the store at a time. This can cause queues outside.
3) The option to schedule an appointment in advance remains possible. You can here book an appointment up to 1 hour prior to the appointment.
4) We will give priority to customers with an appointment. - Register for this with our employee in the store.

What are the side notes:
✔︎ Max. 2 customers allowed
✔︎ Social distancing inside the store and outside in the queue
✔︎ Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory
✔︎ Upon entering, first disinfect your hands at our hand sanitizing station. Do not touch testers yourself, leave this to us
✔︎ Contactless payments are highly appreciated


Shopping and advice by appointment (from March 3)

How does it work:
1) Since March it is also possible to visit our stores by appointment.
2) On this page you can directly schedule an appointment, or contact us (see various contact options below).
3) You can choose from:

Private Shopping | Amsterdam, Rotterdam (for in-store shopping and/or consultation)
15 minutes Beauty Date - See & Pick
30 minutes Beauty Date - Skin Updates
60 minutes Beauty Date - First Date

Online Date | at home (for video call consultations)
30 minutes Beauty Call
60 minutes Beauty Call

4) 1 extra person is allowed at the appointment.
5) Wearing a mask is mandatory during the appointment in the shop.
6) Between each appointment there is a "break" of 10 minutes so that we can prepare everything for the next appointment.
7) You can cancel the appointment 1 hour before the appointment.

Pickup in Store

How does it work:
Select a store at the checkout and continue with your order and payment. (Currently we cannot accept payments at the door.)
2) Choose a date and time for pick-up here or contact us.
3) Orders placed on working days after 17:00 can in most cases only be collected the next working day after 16:00.
4) The order is handed over outside, it is not possible to enter the shop.

Collection times in Amsterdam: every Saturday between 12:00 and 18:00
Collection times in Rotterdam: every Monday ~ Friday between 14:00 and 17:00


Lockdown and the temporary closure of our physical stores

Due to the COVID-19 measures in the Netherlands, our physical stores are unfortunately closed from December 15 to February 9 March 2, 2021.

Fortunately, you can still shop online 24/7 at www.haruharubeauty.com.
In addition, we remain available for questions about skin care, products and your orders.

You can reach us at:

Chat button: www.haruharubeauty.com (desktop-version)
Chat with us or leave a message.

WhatsApp: 06-30631310 (chat button mobile-version)
Chat with us for questions about skin care, products, order and urgent questions.

Instagram DM: @haruharubeautynl
Chat with us for questions about skin care and products.

010-7370315 (Rotterdam)
Call us for questions about your order or urgent questions on working days between 14:00 ~ 18:00.

010-7370678 (Amsterdam)
Call us for questions about your order or urgent questions on Saturday between 12:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM.

E-mail: [email protected]
For questions about your order.

Keep in mind that the delivery can be delayed due to the busyness at PostNL. Of course we will do our utmost to ship your order as soon as possible. :)

Collection of online orders is possible on the days that we are present at the location. Please contact us for this.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to our physical stores soon. :)

Update: May 2020

Our physical stores are open again

To ensure the safety and health of our customers, ourselves and everyone in our (in) immediate vicinity, we have closed the stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam on our own initiative from mid-March to indefinite period.

During the period that our physical stores were closed, we have lowered the limit for free shipping within the Netherlands in our webshop to 35 euros instead of the regular 50 euros limit. We were very happy to see that many of our regular customers continued to support us through this difficult period by continuing to shop in our online store.

We are now preparing for the reopening of the physical stores and will start with Rotterdam as the first location from Tuesday 5 May, Amsterdam 12 May, with adjusted opening hours.


Measures in the store

Because we put the safety and health of our customers and employees first, new measures will apply in our stores and we ask for your cooperation.

* In addition to keeping a distance of 1.5 meters within the stores, we hope that our customers also follow this outside our stores if there is a line outside.

* Our locations are narrow and can receive up to 2 ~ 3 customers at a time. To prevent it from getting too crowded within the stores, we ask you to shop alone as much as possible.

* We also ask you to touch only the products you need and if you want to test a product please indicate this to our staff and we will prepare it. A tester is prepared with a cotton pad or cotton swab and will be placed on a plate in front of you so that you can take it yourself.

* During checkout you can put all the products you want to buy on the counter and if necessary indicate which products you do not want to buy. Then take a step back so that we can process your purchase. Then we will pack all products in the bag or put them on the counter if the bag is not needed.

* Pay as much as possible with pin or contactless, it is also possible to pay in our stores with PayPal, WePay or AliPay.

* We will have disinfectants (Alcohol 70% ~ 80%) in our stores to disinfect our counter, pin device and such. Hand sanitizer (70% Alcohol), tissues are available for customers to use at the entrance of our stores.


Shop online

Of course you can still visit our online store that is open 24/7. Keep in mind that due to the circumstances in the online store and at PostNL, delivery may be somewhat delayed. Delivery stops may also apply for certain countries, see: COVID-19 Postal Service Update. Of course we will do our utmost to send your order as soon as possible. :)

Once our physical stores are open, it is again possible to choose the (pay &) pick up in store option. You then order the products online and collect them in our store after we have prepared them for you. This way you can quickly hop in and out of our store with your favorite skin care.

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